A 4 week tracker for each day of the week to help you stay accountable for implementing the habits you choose

A full menu of my favorite mind, body and soul habits to experiment with (and room to add your own!)

Space to write down your reflections from the week so that you know which habits have been most impactful to your well-being

Imagine feeling confident going into the week with an accountability/planning tool for the actions + habits you know make you feel best. And imagine ending the week feeling proud that you actually followed through with them.
Whether your goals are to achieve more time in range, increase your energy, lose weight, develop a healthier relationship with food or find an exercise and nutrition routine that is sustainable, the answers are in slowing down, becoming more mindful about your day to day habits, and prioritizing yourself on a holistic level.
That’s where my 4-Week Diabetic Habit Tracker comes in.
Inside the tracker, you’ll find:

Unlock Your Best Type-1 Self Here

Unlock Your Best Type-1 Self Here

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