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The Diabetic Health Journal

The Diabetic Health Journal is a proven tool to help you approach your diabetes in a more mindful and reflective way. With daily blood sugar and nutrition logs, gratitude jotting, and a space to log patterns and other daily habits, you’ll start to see improvements you’re finally proud of. DHJ users have lowered A1C on average by .5%, have more clarity on what best serves their blood sugars, and overall contributes to feelings of less overwhelm and more happiness from day to day.

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- Lauren Bongiorno, T1D

"I created The Diabetic Health Journal because I know how challenging it is to make diabetes a priority without proper holistic support. We put our health and happiness in our doctor’s hands, when really we could be using mindfulness and reflection to discover wellness throughout our mind, body, and soul."

Diabetic Health Coach + Founder

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