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Used by thousands of people with diabetes worldwide

Founded by a diabetes health coach to help give the community more support and control along their diabetes management journey

The Diabetic Health Journal

The Diabetic Health Journal is a proven tool to help you approach your diabetes in a more mindful and reflective way. With daily blood sugar and nutrition logs, gratitude jotting, and a space to log patterns and other daily habits, you’ll start to see improvements you’re finally proud of. DHJ users have lowered A1C on average by 1%, have more clarity on what best serves their blood sugars, and overall contributes to feelings of less overwhelm and more happiness from day to day.

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- Lauren Bongiorno, T1D

"I created The Diabetic Health Journal because I know how challenging it is to make diabetes a priority without proper holistic support. We put our health and happiness in our doctor’s hands, when really we could be using mindfulness and reflection to discover wellness throughout our mind, body, and soul."

Diabetic Health Coach + Founder

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"This year my endo was floored by my improvements. I've had diabetes for 14 years and it's the first time in between appointments I've had guidance and structure. Lauren's resources have completely flipped my entire perspective on how to approach life with diabetes."

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The DHJ Layout: A structured format rooted in self reflection and identifying patterns

Every day you’ll log your blood sugars, insulin, and any notes you want to record about food, exercise, stress, etc. throughout the day. As you stop to record your numbers, you'll slow down, become more mindful and make more intentional choices and habits around your health

inside the journal:

This journal gives the support and guidance you need in-between your 3-month endocrinologist check ups.It is designed to help you reflect on what’s working for you, and what needs to change to improve your blood sugars, a1c and relationship with your Diabetes.

Improve your relationship with diabetes

How the Diabetic Health Journal works

At the end of the day it’s all about reflection and making connections. Here is where you’ll look back at your blood sugars, mood, energy, record your notes/patterns/ thoughts, and end the day with a self celebration.

Daily Log

Mindful reflection

Increased control around blood sugar

Insight into daily habits

Increased mood + energy levels

More predictable blood sugar numbers

More confident decision making

Lower A1C + more  time in range

Results you'll see within 90 days of using The Diabetic Health Journal

Ready to Change Your Life?

It’s more than the numbers...

it's Your diabetes sidekick.

A daily blood sugar / insulin / food log, exercise and water tracker, gratitude prompt, to do list, guided reflections, + personal brain dump space all in one journal.

The DHJ provides people with diabetes with something that is often missing in the ecosystem of diabetes care: A heightened sense of mental, emotional, and physical self-control that will empower you to slow down, check in, and make more informed decisions in your day-to-day life.

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